Coral Beige Coaster Crochet Pattern

Pastel colors are one of my favorite to work with. Gentle ivory, peachy pink and grey tones. And I had a little bit of wonderful Phildar Laine Coton yarn in my stash and really wanted to crochet something with that. This all inspired me to create home decor pieces, coasters in particular, and share it with you, dear crocheters. So, here are Coral Beige Coasters and you can already purchase the coaster pattern here.

Crochet Coaster Pattern

Improving and making our home cosier and more beautiful is a fun and interesting thing to do, right? Well, these square coasters are great as an easy-to-follow lovely project that you can finish within 30min-1hour and use them for many months or even years to come.


Finished coaster size: 5”(13cm) wide * 5” (13cm) long.

Coral Beige Coaster Pattern can be found on Etsy and Craftsy.

Coral Beige Coaster Crochet Pattern

Coral Beige Coaster pattern for beginner

As you can see, there are 2 different border/edging options, so I encourage you to crochet coasters with both of them, as I did here. Now, there are 4 beautiful cup coasters in my kitchen decor set, making my day better every time I use them.

easy crochet patterns for beginner

easy crochet coaster pattern

Also, don’t forget that during all autumn months in Cozy City Life Etsy store, when you buy any pattern, you get one more pattern for free. So, don’t hesitate and get this quick and easy-to-follow pattern now!

Blog updates+Winter Crochet During Summer Season Projects!

Busy times, busy schedules and it seems like there’s almost no time for our favorite hobby – crochet. However, I still managed to crochet several fun winter projects. There is something in crocheting winter things during summer season,isn’t it? Plus, I have several important announcemets to share with you, Cozy Citizens!

Best Winter Projects to Crochet in Summer

fair isle crochet hat

crochet fair isle stitch

bobble stitch sleepers

Cozy City Life Blog updates:

  1. Our easy-to-follow fun patterns for home decor goods are now available on Ravelry. I know that many crochet lovers are already there and it looks like an exciting thing to join yarnees from all over the world and participate in that comunity. Go on and check our pattern store there;
  2. Another interesting place where you can find Cozy City Life patterns now is Craftsy. Huge educational website with tutorials, patterns(both free and paid), yarn etc. Definately, a place to look at if you’re a craftee person and want to learn more;
  3. Cozy City Life also joined which has a hugely wide variety of yarn, crochet tools and supplies. I’m so amazed and pleasantly surprised with this website, because it’s not easy to find such a useful shop with all you need for crocheting in Russia;
  4. If you haven’t visited our Etsy shop yet, please, go and check it out. We provide a 15% discount for 2nd time purchases as well as a FREE Bonus Vivian Coffee Cozy Pattern with every pattern you buy. I’m working on making the patterns easy and enjoyable to follow, so if you’d like to crochet some coffee cozies or dishcloths/washcloths, go right to Cozy City Life etsy shop.

bobblestitch heart

Big bobble heart for you, my dear Cozy Citizens, I’m developing many more modern stylish and fun patterns for you to crochet, which you’ll see soon. What are you working on, friends? Are there any patterns you’d like to see in our blog? Maybe, you have suggestions for tutorials you’d like to see?Leave a comment bellow!

Cherry Blossom Coaster – Free Crochet Pattern for your Cozy City Newsletter Sign up!

Cherry Blossom Easy Crochet Pattern
Nature is one of the main inspiration sources of our life, love and creativity. Beginning of spring in South Korea is a wonderful time of cherry blossoming. People from other cities and countries come to Seoul, South Korea to look at this beautiful event and feel the energy of the upcoming spring season. One bad thing about cherries, the peak of their blossoming lasts only 1 week, and then trong wind blows and brings all this beauty on the ground. It almost looks like light-pink flower snow. I want to help you bring the feeling of never-ending cherry blossoming time in your house by creating these wonderful lovely coasters fast and easy using our Cherry Blossom Crochet Pattern. They are very gentle and elegant and are such a pleasure to crochet. Try it, you’ll know what I mean!

There are 2 ways to get this pattern:

Way #1: you can go over to our Etsy store and find Cherry Blossom Crochet Pattern here. It has step-by-step photos as well as writen instructions for your convinience. Plus, yarn/color suggestions and a free coffee cozy pattern as a “thank you” gift for your purchase. It’s just a free goodie for our customers that will bring up your mood and helps you get 2 products paying just for 1:)

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Cherry Blossom Crochet Coaster


  • Finished Cherry Blossom coaster: 5″(13 cm) wide


Each of the coasters can be finished within 30 minutes and are great for everyday use, colorful and lovely.

Cherry Blossom Crochet Coaster

You can find Cherry Blossom Coaster Pattern in our Etsy Store with other fun products for us, crocheters. Or, go head and sign up for our Cozy Citizen Newsletter to get this pattern for free in your email!

Arielle Dishcloth – Spring Easy Crochet Pattern

Summer will be knocking in our doors very soon, bright colors and funny interesting combinations are a great welcome gift for Summer 2017. Why not making something with natural cotton yarn? ‘Sky-blue’ name of a color can be heard and seen so many times here, in South Korea. There is something about sky color that people really enjoy, admire and want to bring in their everyday life.

Want to bring this beatiful color in your life, too? Then, our job is to buy the yarn and I’ll share with you something fun to crochet with this yarn. Our new addition to Cozy City Etsy Store – Arielle Dishcloth Easy Crochet Pattern that has 2 variations. Easy to make, only basic stitches are used. This is a project that can be finished fast and the result is practical, useful and beautiful.


  • Finished Arielle dishcloth – 9″ tall (23 cm) x 9″ wide (23 cm);


Each of the dishcloths can be finished within 1 hour and these dishclothes will cost you no more than 10$ to make (including yarn and our pattern). Made with high-quality materials, Arielle Dishclothes will serve you for many many months and even years!

You can find Arielle Dishcloth Pattern in our Etsy Store with other fun products for us, crocheters.

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Alexandra Dishcloth – Mother’s Day Easy Crochet Pattern

Alexandra Easy Crochet Gift Dishcloth Pattern for beginner

There are so many fun and joyful holidays throughout the year, but Mother’s day is one of my favorites. Our life changes so fast, but still we shouldn’t forget about our family, parents, Moms. They gave us their love, support, care, educated us, guided us and now it’s up to us to thank them for all their work.

I believe that people love giving presents more than recieving them. And it’s such a pleasure to watch at your presentee’s face when you give a present and her eyes light up with excitement and interest about what’s inside. Even as kids we were waiting so much for Christmas and birthday presents (I know I did). So make this Mother’s day special for you Mom, give her the present she will like and use in future. One of my favorite kinds of presents are dishclothes. Made with good-quality yarn, your presentee will use those dishclothes for many many months. Add a beautiful design, cute wrapping of your present and here we go.

I’m really glad that I can help you with your Mother’s day gift. I added to our Etsy shop a new easy-to-follow Alexandra Dishcloth Pattern with two different edging options. So, in fact you will have two different dishcloths at the end!


  • Finished dishcloth edge #1 – 10″ tall (25 cm) x 10″ wide (25 cm);
  • Finished product edge #2 – 9.5″ tall (24cm) x 10″ wide (25 cm).


Each of the dishcloths can be finished within 2 hours and this gift will cost you under 10$ (including yarn and our pattern). If made with high-quality materials, your Mother will use these dishclothes for many months and even years!

Dishcloth Crochet Pattern Mother's Day gift from Daughter

You can find Alexandra Dishcloth Pattern in our Etsy store with other fun products for us, crocheters.

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