Easy Mother’s day Gift Crochet Coffee Cozy Patterns

Mother’s day is coming fast! I think that Mother’s and Father’s day celebration is such a wonderful thing, because we have time(with our crazy busy lives) and opportunity to thank our amazing parents, without whom there would be no us. Did you prepare a gift already? If no, then there is no better present than the one you made with your hands, yarn and hook, right? Going straight to the point, Mother’s day crochet gift doesn’t have to be very sophisticated or complex. It can be something as lovely and small as a crochet coffee cozy made with love and your beautiful Mother in mind. If you are just starting out with crocheting, I created two coffee cozy crochet patterns for beginners that are easy to follow and make a great finished product. You can get a pattern in our Etsy store here.

As you might discover, our patterns have names. I make these patterns with a particular kind of person in mind. And I think that naming products give them a bit of personality as well. First pattern is called Vanessa. This crochet cup sleeve is in red color and has a strong, as it’s name, design looking like a flame of fire.

Second one is called Vivian. Compared to the first design, it’s more feminine, soft and relaxed.

If your mother loves coffee then make her these two special gifts! And if you have any questions while making them, feel free to message me on Etsy or leave a comment here. Dear friend, now I’m in the process of making an easy crochet dishcloth Mother’s day gift pattern as well, so if a coffee cozy is not what you’re looking for you Mom, then come back to Cozy City blog next week to check our brand new dishcloth pattern or better yet, sign up for our newsletter to get a word about new post here right in your email!

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