Blog updates+Winter Crochet During Summer Season Projects!

Busy times, busy schedules and it seems like there’s almost no time for our favorite hobby – crochet. However, I still managed to crochet several fun winter projects. There is something in crocheting winter things during summer season,isn’t it? Plus, I have several important announcemets to share with you, Cozy Citizens!

Best Winter Projects to Crochet in Summer

fair isle crochet hat

crochet fair isle stitch

bobble stitch sleepers

Cozy City Life Blog updates:

  1. Our easy-to-follow fun patterns for home decor goods are now available on Ravelry. I know that many crochet lovers are already there and it looks like an exciting thing to join yarnees from all over the world and participate in that comunity. Go on and check our pattern store there;
  2. Another interesting place where you can find Cozy City Life patterns now is Craftsy. Huge educational website with tutorials, patterns(both free and paid), yarn etc. Definately, a place to look at if you’re a craftee person and want to learn more;
  3. Cozy City Life also joined which has a hugely wide variety of yarn, crochet tools and supplies. I’m so amazed and pleasantly surprised with this website, because it’s not easy to find such a useful shop with all you need for crocheting in Russia;
  4. If you haven’t visited our Etsy shop yet, please, go and check it out. We provide a 15% discount for 2nd time purchases as well as a FREE Bonus Vivian Coffee Cozy Pattern with every pattern you buy. I’m working on making the patterns easy and enjoyable to follow, so if you’d like to crochet some coffee cozies or dishcloths/washcloths, go right to Cozy City Life etsy shop.

bobblestitch heart

Big bobble heart for you, my dear Cozy Citizens, I’m developing many more modern stylish and fun patterns for you to crochet, which you’ll see soon. What are you working on, friends? Are there any patterns you’d like to see in our blog? Maybe, you have suggestions for tutorials you’d like to see?Leave a comment bellow!

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