Hello friends! My name is Olga and I come from a little town in Siberia, Russia. I consider myself a person of the world, I’ve always been interested in other cultures, loved learning other languages (in my pocket learning of English, German, Italian and Korean recently). And although learning Italian and Geman did’t go far, I’m still planning to learn them in future. As for Korean, I’ve been living in South Korea for couple years now and continue to explore this culture and language. As for other things that are close to my heart: coffee drinking, web design and development and helping people pass TOEFL exam through Facebook and Udemy course.

Crocheting came to me as a way of bringing all my ideas to life. I love this ability to take yarn and use it to create a hat, scarf or baby clothes out of my imagination.

In Cozy City Life blog I’m sharing my experience with improving in crocheting, tips and patterns I create and so much more about my life around the world.

I’m really happy you visited our blog. I’m trying to make it as helpful for you as possible. If you have any suggestions about posts, have a question for me feel free to contact me through Instagram or email me at olyacanary@gmail.com